PC stops responding after enabling LAN Card


Recently I had a strange problem. Whenever i enable my LAN card and PC halts after every 20 to 25 seconds. Everything stops when this happens.

Suppose if i was moving my mouse the mouse would stop for half second and it will start moving again or if i was watching a movie , the movie will stop for half second and start playing normally. Everything starts halting or stuttering when i enable the LAN card.

The problem doesn’t occur when the cable is unplugged. I have to mention i am on a Network and i can see a lot of user when i open My Network Places but i disable administrative Share and used this command “net config server /hidden:yes” in Command Prompt.

Another strange thing is the problem happens in the morning and heavily in the Evening and after 11:20pm or at the time when most people goes to sleep, the problem disappears.

I checked at 5:00am in the morning and this problem was not happening then, but when i checked at 8:30am the problem started again.

Is someone trying to hack into my PC?