PC Security Test

Hi everyone,
I just installed the last version of CIS and see my results attached.
It is the first time ever I got the perfect score.
I tried all the possible combinations since the past two years without success.
I am very impressed and very proud to use CIS.
Good job Comodo TEAM.
Warmest regards,

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Thank you Pifcan.

What test is that? do you have a link?


Good evening Melih,
here is the link:

Best regards from Quebec, CANADA


Thank you Richard.


You’re very welcome Melih,
The french version is the last update 8.2.1:


Take care and keep the outstanding work.


The first link’s test is 2 years old so I do not know how reliable it would be. I could not even install it because CIS 3.5 labeled it “unclassified malware@4278090”

The new version, being in french, said I had 0% protection from virus, 90% from hacking, and 50% from spyware. But Je ne peux pas lire ou comprendre la langue anglaise et, par conséquent, il est inutile de me.

Kinda bad results, maybe I will upgrade to 3.8 despite the bugs.

But maybe interesting is the “Take control of mouse” test (Go to proof mode → various actions test), Comodo doesn’t block it. I don’t know if it can be used to do actions with the mouse like clicking Comodo pop-ups but if yes Comodo should add protection against this.

Hi Melih,
Regarding the Proof Mode Tests:
Test 1- Information Gathering
Test 2- Various Actions: Take control of the mouse
Display Fake Systems Messages
Is there a way to block these attacks?
Are we at risk or it is only a scam to scare us???


I’m having poor result with this test.

Green questionmark for anti hacking
100% for antivirus
25% for spyware

what am I doing wrong?

I blocked all defense+ pop up when running the app? Should I allow them?

When trying to install the PC Security Test from the first link provided, I also found that CIS immediately flagged it. The virus warning is attached. I didn’t install it because CIS didn’t think it was a safe program to run.

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I reran the 2008 test with the newest version of cis and did not get much of an improvement.


with 3.5 I had:

I have nothing to compare it to so I have no idea if its good or not, but virus and spyware seem to be lacking.

Hi schwartr,
I had a perfect score with CIS 3.5 and 90-100-100 with CIS 3.8.64739.471.
BTW, did you try Finjan Vulnerability Tests?
Best regards,


I think it will be even more informative if CIS configurations, such as D+ mode, heuristic level, and firewall mode are listed for the above test too. (:CLP) (:CLP)

Forget about the scores, it’s bollox and doesn’t say anyting about malware protection. I guess this leaktest is just buggy…

But the intercepting mouse actions thing is interesting.

Seriously? How did you get those good scores when mine sucked so bad?
My settings are:
AV: enabled, her=low
Firewall: safe mode, high alert setting and all boxes in alert setting checked
attack detection settings: ARP cache, block gratuitous arp frames, block ip fragmented ip datagrams, do protocol analysis.
D+:safe mode, all monitor settings checked
Image execution: normal, check .exe, dll, sys, ocx, bat, pif, scr, cpl

Id feel so much better about CIS if the numbers were actually good.

Iam not sure why… But some tests are flawed… CIS intercept them so good that they won’t work as supposed and give a false result…


Thats one example of this…

And I feel that it might be the same with this test…