PC Security Test 2009 (from AxBx)

The new test is on the french page only :

2009 test (fr)

direct link http://www.pc-st.com/fr/pcsecuritytest.zip ( v9.1.0 - 02/10/2009 - 2 Mo )

( Version v9.0.5 - 23. Juli 2009 - 2.1 MB in german is here http://www.pc-st.com/de/download.htm )

2007 test (us) http://www.pc-st.com/us/download.htm

Try the 2007 version first : the instructions are near the same but the 2009 suite is stronger. In both cases you must allow the tool to connect before the tests begins. I recommended testing with remember my answer unchecked since you must allow a connection before the test begin as a box state. In the 2009 version a first box prompt for your favorite browser if you are not using IE by default. Another box shows before the test itself as a warning: disallow the first attack when the test initiate sop.exe but you can allow ( or not ) the tool when it try to terminate the offensive sop.exe test. At the end you must wait until the box is avalaible. It takes three minutes. You can check the details of each test ( after final cleanup) and try some others like open ports or proof mode to check some tricks.

I was not able to achieve 100% so far with D+ in safe mode or even paranoid mode (same result) + proactive configuration. (I’ve got accidentally 100 % with some uncommon anti IE tricks).

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Only FW and D+ both in Safe Mode and CIS in Firewall Security mode.

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