PC Security Labs

Does Comodo have any plans to join the PC Security Labs testing? http://www.pcsecuritylabs.net/news.php

They might be another alternative to the other testing sites out there to get some more testing and exposure.

Wow Avira scores 0 fp…how true is that? According to the test Avira Security suite tops the chart with 99.9.

Most of the reviewed suites seemed to do pretty well at overall detection, but the false positives really set them apart. A few had 0…one had 41. Ouch.

It probably means there needs to be more tests is most suites are catching most things, or that all of the suites are converging on performance.

I’d still like to see how Comodo ranks. There hasn’t been a lot of testing on CIS 3.5 yet out in the public space AFAIK. The firewall portion has been tested a lot and a decent amount on D+, but not much on the AV (which is also a moving target at the moment it seems).

Comodo AV is just at the beginning. we first need to get more and more samples. But I think Comodo is getting on track

time has come a new kind of testing…
testing against real malware and testing Protection (not just detection) and the meaning of that protection (eg: popups etc)…

Real testing for real protection for real people!


Heh Melih, I know you to well :stuck_out_tongue:
Something like www.testmypcsecurity.com but with malware? :slight_smile:

I might have to start screen recording what happens on my virtualmachine and save the videos ready for upload 88)


or maybe we provide a service like this to the world! :slight_smile:


That is a good website,we can use it to test our comodo by ourselves.thank you.