pc security lab test gives comodo internet security low scores in malware tests?


It seems pc security lab latest test gave CIS a lower grade then usual? Even lower then AVG and bitdefender which in my belief CIS should be at the top or among the top in the malware testing. ANyway here is the the result PDF.


It also shows AVG did better then Avira. so take it for what it’s worth

look like I said in another thread, this tests used malware that is specific to the Asian region.

“1004 samples were used this time, representing the top threats in China.”


so these results are not very applicable to North America.

I have a question.

Why Panda did score so good in this test? It’s not a Chinese company.

Mrg guy/Comodo dev: Yo Mike, gimme that file with that milion malwares from the asian countries !! ;D

Still, no excuse for CIS though, a malware is a malware, doesn’t matter from which country it is ! Is not like CIS is available only for US or EU ! Or am I missing something here ?!

Time to recruit Asian malware fighters here at the forums and get honey post out there in Asia… :smiley: O0

in reality comodo is not as popular of an other AV vendors in Asia, also they have only one lab there and it is fairly small. From the stats I know panda is very popular in Asia ( they have tons of offices there), along with Jiangmin, kingsoft, AhnLab, Antiy, ViRobot, Rising, etc.

thanks languy! I was sure panda is not so popular at all.

@Victor Popescu, malware can be written only for specific area.

I know that chinese malware can be different form European or American.

This is one test , by one company. It could mean nothing, or it could mean everything . If this proves to be a common result, based on tests from other companies, then this may be something to explore and remedy, if not in this release, then in a future release .In any event, adding detection & removal capabilities for malware , regardless of the geographical region said malware originated from, should be a priority . Comodo is used world wide, not just in the Americas or Europe .

Making excuses for substandard detection of Asian based malware, based on small research labs, or having only one research lab for said malware, is, at best , a rather feeble attempt to place blame somewhere other than where blame should be placed . We, being Comodo , have a quite sizeable user base, & should be adept at addressing whatever comes up . This is a suggestion, but maybe more staff, either paid or volunteer, however things work in Comodo’s av labs, should make a point of analyzing & improving detection of Asian based malware . An av/malware company’s popularity , or lack thereof, does rest with the end user, but it also rests with the company .

Languy sorry to oppose you,
still why comodo antivirus got low scores? thats not justified reason to get low score, comodo gets malware from everywhere to there labs. so to say results are not very applicable in north america is kinda tricky because malware spread everywhere isnt it, through many ways mainly internet, so in north america there is also chance for lot of people getting infected by them.

yes malware is everywhere but some of them tend to stick to regions of the world, and some are specifically written for certain parts of the world. How likely are you to install a program that is malicious that is written in Chinese or Russian? not very likely. Also detection in my opinion comes mostly from the users, they are the first ones to see a file that might be bad and it gets submitted to the AV company. If lots of your users are in one part of the world and you don’t have many in another how likely are you to have high detection rates in the part where you don’t have many users, not very likely.

ok got your point thanks for quick reply:)

Hi devenroy ,
You are very quick in “getting the point” & agree
Unfortunately that is not the case

The malware is not “regional”…

Last year few sites in US were shut down.
Those were the sites being reported as operating from China & Russia for a long time prior to that … no Russians or Chinese were involved

That’s all for now


It may not be regional in the sense that it can only appear in that region.

But it can be more prevalent in a certain regions.


Thanks for the reply, Dennis

Sure, but you do not rely on that
… I think that would be better to & gather the samples of so called “regional” real malware
rather that go to P2P sites gather and flag “keygens & cracks” … just because those appear there, which is fake!

… and catch big players of spreading malware - the legit companies who are substituting the download parts of perfectly done cracks with malware… in order to “protect” their Software
They have special forces to do that … Don’t you know that? :wink: I would be surprised if you don’t


p.s. *** added*** Sorry, I forgot to note that according to “Sage” report … hmmm… probably posted 2 years ago > than 95 % of current malware are “non-destructive”
What those bastards I’ve mentioned above are doing: is - supplying destructive types

So Comodo shouldnt be for the chinese market and stuff? And with the risk some out of china will infect US/Europe computers…With undetectable virusses (or atleast undetectable by comodo).

A Antivirus should be All-round for worldwide virusses.


Try this with COMODO 5 :smiley: it will score the best for sure :-TU

Hope so ! I ran my 1st scan with v5 an hour ago . Out of the 5 “threats” it found , 4 were false positives , files in my “downloads” folder , that were checked with CAV, & they were clean . They were legit programs . I added them to my safe files, so I shouldn’t see that again, hopefully !

hi. how on earth can you have regional malware…??? its not called the regional wide web.its the WORLD WIDE WEB.so you can visit websites all over the world thus you could still be infected…time to wake up people.!! ??? :comodorocks: