pc reboots during anti virus scan

been having this issue since started using CIS - about 60% of time the pc will reboot during anti virus scan.
if a newer version of CIS came out, then that would fix the issue for awhile. now it’s doing it again. there is a text file that repeats several times in an intuit program that was causing it last week, so i moved the program to an external hard drive. now it is doing it at another file in C:Docs and Settings\owner\application data. ran a program that shows mini dump data recorded at a pc crash and it is showing a driver MPRIFL.SYS is causing the crash - product of FSPro Labs.
my CIS ver is 3.12.111745.560 running XP Home SP3. other security programs:
PC Tools ThreatFire
Ad Aware
SpyBot Search and Destroy
Super AntiSpyware

Google indicates your file is used to protect your PC from unauthorised use.

Perhaps your protection system considers any sort of scan by any sort of A.V. to be a potentially hostile action,
and it defends itself with a BSOD.

Either exclude their folder/files from scanning, or get help from their user forum.


As far as i can find MPRIFL.SYS belongs to Folder LockBox, do you have it installed?

If so try uninstalling it.

thank you for the help. i will try your suggestion later this week.