PC protected before startup?

I hope this isn’t a question that’s been answered 1E06 times already :SMLR
(I did try to search for this)

I installed comodo fw a couple of days ago, and I am just wondering, since I see there is like a progression in when the program starts.
I notice that my network seems to be up and running before the icon has appeared on screen.
(Once I even got a warning that the firewall hadn’t started and that I was unprotected, but it did start shortly after…)

Since this got me a little scared I was wondering how I know whether my pc is protected all the while, even if it is necessary before the comodo logo appears, i.e. the program has started?

Appreciate the answer!

Hi Mickey,

Inbound defens while booting is always active, and its independent of the user interface. You can enable/disable the blocking of all outgoing connections during boot up in: security/advanced/advanced attack detection/miscellaneous tab. You may also note, that applications certified by comodo, and your own allowed applications can connect to the internet eg: autoupdate during this period.
AFAIK, you are already protected before the comodo user interface loads.
Hope it helps,

More info about boot protection:


Thanks a lot guys!