pc not seeing firewall need easy method to sort thi painless


Hi cooldudio

Please provide more information on the problem that you are experiencing?
What firewall do you have?
Give more clear details, read this link for info…https://forums.comodo.com/help/important_please_read_before_posting-t9388.0.html

Hope this helps

Windows Security Center tells you that there’s not firewall and you’ve got CFP installed? Which version, 2.4 or 3 beta? You can always disable Windows Security Center, not that it provides unknown information to the user, that’s what I do.

The following may help:


Windows security center sometimes does not recognize CFP but it can be fixed by rebuilding your repository. However, even then it sometimes delays in recognizing that the firewall is present after boot up. To be honest you may be better disabling the windows security center and monitoring your security software yourself: