PC Making multiple Connections to Network Printer

I have recently noticed that my PC is making multiple connections to my Network Printer. on average I am seeing roughly over 20 connections. Is this correct? why would my PC be making so many connections to my Printer? sometimes the protocol is UDP and sometimes UDP In/Out. the bytes being sent and received are very small. 93 -95B out and 106-107B In. is this still correct? do you think this is causing havock on my system? should I make a rule to correct this? and if so what type of rule should I make?

Also my Netowrk Printer is sending out a UDP Port Scanning which the firewall see’s as an attacker and blocks them. PLEASE HELP

any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank You (:WIN)

Hi and welcome! From what I can see, it’s simply doing a typical port scan. This keeps fast communication between the printer and computers so when you need it, it’s there, basically looking for the attached device, it’ll send a signal and it answers. I believe the port numbers, the UDP and 93 is for the port scan and your UDP\in\out will be your actual communication. If you were to unhook it, a few minutes later you may get, “printer not found” error, or when you try to use it.
How often depends on the pc and printer and if printer is on or off. When I leave my printer on, I get quite a few, off, none usually.

I am not expert at this but this is my take on it, if not satisfied, i’ll put out an S.O.S to another mod or user who can go over this but I feel it’s basic communication. You mention 20 attempts but the time frame makes a huge difference, is it minutes :o , hours, days, weeks, months?? You get the picture :wink: Please let me know.



To stop CFP from seeing it as a port scanner and block the connection, you can go to security/advanced/advanced attack detection and prevention, and put in a higher value for packet/sec. default is 50, so you can try 150 and see if it helps.

Ok the connections are being made every second it is constantly sending and receiving data. i keep seeing it updating multiple connections at 1 time. I see new sending and receiving data changing like i said every second. is this still normal?

I tried changing the detection rules to increase the packets / seconds to 150, but that didn’t help the connections are still being made.

any other options would be appreciate it. but if you feel i should just accept that my pc and network printer will constantly have these multiple connection than that is fine.

what should I do about the firewall blocking the printer from doing a UDP Scan searching for open ports. what type of rule should I create to allow this connection to occur?

Thank you again for all your help.


Do as I said in my previous post, but increase it until your connection doesn’t get blocked. Try 300, and if that doesn’t help just try a higher number until it works.

About the number of connections, I can’t help you since I don’t have one, but maybe someone else can.
It might be a setting in your router like “always broadcast” that you can try to turn off.

If by chance you have a HP printer / scanner, this is a known problem with the HP software. If you go to their site, there is a easy fix for this problem. I cannot remember which files I had to disabled, but cured the problem.

(B) Lee

You are correct and as I stated, it depends on the printer. My HP did this as well but my lexmark does nothing. You may be right . :slight_smile: My epson did as well and is normal to a certain extent. If it’s truly that excessive, then yes, update the printer drivers or look for a fix.

I also suggest to the postee: What make model printer, make model OS \PC, how is this networked? Router\wireless, how many pcs? etc, otherwise we are just guessing.

I would like to add that printers do support mulitple connection to pc and if you have another pc on the network which I assume since you stated network, you may be picking up the other computer communications in your log files as well. I have my son’s addy attempts and I know it’s with the Epson printer but it’s read and blocked from my side. Same with his, my attempts show in his.