PC Magazine Review on Version 3.


Here is a review of Version 3.

I would like to thank Neil for writing a very comprehensive and very fair review. He has really dug deep in his analysis.


He did dig pretty deep indeed. Well-written, a noticeable lack of emotion-based responses (which I happen to like).


A very nice review (:CLP)


I’m reading the article in PC Magazine, am on “Double-Plus Defense” page at the moment.

a word of advice, you seriously need to link that article on here as a sticky. titled as “A guide to using CFP 3”

it really is a good guide, just a few things i read so far in the article I have not found anywhere else, like in our forum in the CFP helpfile no where!. that article has been written really well and describes how to use CFP better than the CFP helpfile does it.


Very good indeed. We need leak tests results updated! As of now Online Armor is #1, But that was tested with CFP 2, They need to test v3!


Looks like Neil tested with an older version prior to Comodo making the WOS change. I wonder how the review would have been if Neil had encountered some of the many problems reported in the forums. :slight_smile:


WOS ???

Windows Idle Process ==>Windows Operating System, which also apparently added some rules that suppressed a bunch of the strange incoming packets that were being logged. ???

DOH! Thanks Ed