PC Mag Article about CIS v5

Any idea when secure DNS protection to make antivirus protection even stronger is coming to CIS 5.0 this might be to early to ask… ;D

well im really excited to hear what you have cooking!

tell us as soon as you can

The article doesn’t say that much, I mean, technically. It’s a short interview.
Well, maybe my expectations were higher :slight_smile:

Looking forward to it! :-TU

Nope. Not even close! :wink: >:-D

exactly why take over someone who will give you a worse detection ratio. :o :wink:

:o What i didn’t know Melih was a chef! JK
As soon as this DNS thing goes live im changing to it.

Lol. You guys realy raise the bar very high for Comodo. I hope when the news comes out it will not be a disappointment O0