PC Mag Article about CIS v5

check out the quick article PC Mag did about the new CIS, a hint of something that is coming is at the bottom of the article. :slight_smile:


Doesn’t Comodo already have optional DNS servers? i’m still using OpenDNS myself.

yeah but they are adding “active” dns servers, so now there will be DNS servers that can block malware, like Norton and Clearcloud.

Beautiful thanks languy for keeping us up-to-date.

is this what melih was talking about when he said the detection will increase and be better then anyone elses guaranteed? or is that still something different?

Did we have to enable the optional DNS server during the install to use these active servers?
Because I also use my own DNS server (a router which uses OpenDNS and Google DNS…).
I didn’t see any options to enable it afterward.

I guess that you will have to manually change IP adresses for Preffered and Alternate DNS server in TCP/IP Properties.

Instructions can be found here:

Thanks :slight_smile:
Why is there a different DNS address for non-english user?
Does it have to do with the server location?

Great news!! Congrats!

Soon you block a malware, better is to reduce focus of infection (for me block by ip or DNS is better than blocking the exploit, block the exploit is better than blocking the exe, block the exe is better than blocking the behavior etc)

Also, it seems not so many AV providers have a good exploit blocker, i don’t known why because the number of exploit to block is not so high (eleonore, phoenix, crimepack etc) when you compare to the incredible number of new malware.

Very Nice! :slight_smile:

something different

Bring it on!!!


this is just a DNS security that will detect malicious domains.

What i have cooking is much MUCH bigger :wink:


Is there an ETA for the announcement?

i am afraid not.

What about taking over a small but growing av company?

Lets say Emsisoft or Ikarus?

Me and V7chy’s review/introduction for Estonian users.
Google translate version

Ok, no problem, thank you :slight_smile:

nice, :slight_smile: someone did a good job :-TU