pc locks after CAVS start

did a quick search but did not see particular issue, testing latest CAVS on 2 machines along with CFP.
on laptop 700mhz P3 256mb ram integrated radeon graphics XP SP2 fully patched there are no issues.

on P4 2.8 2g ram xp radeon 9700pro sp2 fully patched BRAND new install (.net 1.1 and 2.0 and their patches also installed) CFP works great. CAV however is another issue. after the initial file scan and pressing finish CAV icon appears in taskbar and system comes to a halt. unable to log off/reboot any anything except opening my computer fails. only way to do anything is hard boot into safe and remove CAVS. event viewer does not give any clues, I’ve let it sit for 30 minutes to see if its a slow startup process but no luck.

I have the exact same machine in wifes office that uses integrated intel 845 graphics instead of a radeon card, I will install that later today to see if the lockup is related to the radeon and its ati2mag driver files. if it works on that I’ll know its a compatibility issue with radeon card/drivers.

definitely related to the radeon 9700. removing all ati drivers and using standard VGA helps but its still boggy, disabling radeon and using integrated intel works fine. I suspect its due to the atimag driver and dual monitor. to further test I installed this on a machine with a 9800 pro card and had same issues.

I’d like to see this fixed, I think this has a lot of potential as a suite with the other products.
fwiw the firewall works fine on any machine and is only free program that can easily be configured to correctly allow group policy updates that I use to control my home network.

Hello dmacleo,

Remember, Comodo Antivirus is still a beta version. Comodo is currently developing a completely new version where the code has been completely re-written. This new version will offer a variety of new features and fix current bugs that users are experiencing.


Reason: Out-Dated post.