PC Hunter v1.0 (2013.1.23) based XueTr

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The PC Hunter is a powerful Windows System View software, is also a powerful anti-virus software manually, use it not only can see the various types of system information can also ferret out latent virus, Trojan horse computer.

Support of the system:
32, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 2008, Win7, Win8 operating system
64-bit Win7, Win8 operating system

The software currently implements the following functions:

Process, thread, process modules, process window, process memory View, kill process, kill the thread, uninstall module functions
2 kernel driver module view, to support the memory copy of the kernel driver module
View 3.SSDT, Shadow SSDT, FSD, KBD, TCPIP, Nsiproxy, Tdx, Classpnp, Atapi, Acpi, SCSI, IDT, GDT, and can detect and restore ssdt hook and inline hook
Notify Routine 4.CreateProcess, CreateThread, LoadImage, CmpCallback, BugCheckCallback, Shutdown, Lego, nearly 20 kinds of view, and to support the deletion of these Notify Routine
5 Port View 2000 system does not currently support
View the message hook
7 kernel module iat, eat, inline hook, patches detection and recovery
Disk, volume, keyboard, network layer filter driver detection, and support for the deletion
9. Registry Editor
10. Process iat, eat, inline hook, patches detection and recovery
11 file system view, to support basic file operations
12 view (edit) IE plug-in, SPI, startup items, services, Hosts file, image hijacking file associations, system firewall rules, IME
13.ObjectType Hook detection and recovery
Detect and remove 14.DPC timer
15.MBR Rootkit detection and repair
16 kernel objects hijacking detection
17.WorkerThread enumeration
18.Ndis some callback information enumeration
19. Hardware debug registers, commissioning API detection

Disclaimer: Before using this software, be sure to familiar with the software may bring some results. If you use the software, you direct or indirect losses, damages, the Company shall not be responsible for. From the moment you use the software, you will be deemed to have accepted this disclaimer.