PC hangs after installed Comodo firewall

My OS is Windows XP Professional, SP3.
In my system I installed both Avira 12 (free edition) and AdAware (free edition) v.10.2 and checked/cleaned my system.
Yesterday I installed Comodo Firewall (free edition) but after the reboot the system hanged and I had to restore the previous configuration running ok (not happened before).
I checked again the system with my antivirus, reinstalle Comodo and at the end of the installation rebbot my PC but I got again the same problem.
What’s wrong? Can I have on the same machine Avira antivirus, AdAware for malware and Comodo as firewall?
What can I check?


Hi aangelo,

To avoid conflicts between these security programs, you must allow CIS processes in the exceptions of all modules of Avira and AdAware and in CIS Defense+, you must at least give to the processes of these 2 programs the Predefined Policy “Trusted Application”. If you still have problems, then grant them the Predefined Policy “Installer/updater”.