pc gets slow

why my pc always gets slow when i install cis in it?

is it due to firewall on or defense protection?

my works so slow after installing cis. when i uninstall, it works good.

No, slow operation isn’t normal.

When you say it’s getting slow, is it because CIS is hogging all the CPU cycles?

Make sure that you don’t run two firewalls on at the same time.


Do you have any other security software running on your computer?

Also, is it slow on startup, when opening programs, when running programs, etc…?
Or is it slower in all areas?

no i m not running two firewall @ valentichen

no i dont have other security software.

start up works good, it becomes slow when i open any application

try to reinstall it.

To Mittal. What is your your computer setup, memory etc? I see from one of your previous post that you wanted to uninstall sp3 due to slow downs and revert back to sp2. I have noticed different post with problems and a lot have sp3 installed. Just a thought maybe sometimes there is a little problem between sp3 and CIS that only shows up on some systems and causes slow downs etc.

i installed windows xp os yesterday and icis too . when i did not installed cis, it orks good. after cis installed it akes my pc slow.

my pc hot 16.5 gb in c drive bcoz i formatted yesterday.

i m using 512 mb ram.

when i install sp3, my pc gets more slow and sometimes it hangs and my mouse arrow moves so slow.

so i installed windows xp os yesterday formatting old.

Have you tried just disabling one component of CIS at a time to narrow it down. Also I have a low spec system and it didn’t play well with SP3 either. The only time I noticed any possible slow down from CIS was a little during DB updates so I disabled auto update of DB and do it periodically manually. Good luck, hope you find a solution.

yes i tried firewall and defense to disacle it. this helps me to make my pc fast. seems like cis fully not capable for 512 mb ram.

Sorry I was not much help to you Mittal, I do think 512 mb ram should be sufficient though, and I can only say this because I only have 384 mb ram and all is ok. IMO I think there is some other problem and lets hope someone else can help you find a solution. Kind regards

I have a good solution for ya. download this here Mz XP Tweak and this RAMBooster - Free download and software reviews - CNET Download or Memory Improve Master Free Version - Free download and software reviews - CNET Download

I would recommend you to buy new rams so that you have 1Gb or more (1,5 Gb would be better). i don’t think they are expensive.


What were your previously installed security programs? Try running removal tools for them to see if that brings any solace. Here is a list of av removal tools: ESET Knowledgebase . When your product is not there use Google with query removal tool “name of product or vendor”.