PC gets shutdown during Comodo Antivirus Scan

I have Win XP Sp3 installed in AMD 3.6 GHz AM3+ FX4100 Processor with ASUS M5A78L-M LX Motherboard. Recently I installed Comodo Internet Security, the latest version. When a go for full PC scan, it shuts down the PC. Would like to know the reason why my PC is behaving abnormally.

I want to clarify, the computer shuts down when you press the start scan or after the scan is complete?

Hello Alex,
I also forgot to mention that I have also installed Ubuntu 14.04, so it is a dual boot system. My hard drive is split into C,D and E. The pc shuts down when the scan reaches drive D and has crossed almost 50% of it.
I did try to install Comodo in Ubuntu to check whether the same response happens. But after installing Comodo in Ubuntu, I found comodo wasn’t functioning at all in Ubuntu.
So can someone help in determining the exact nature of the problem

The strange case, performed at a full scan and no problems, or you have an option to turn off the computer after the scan, or a problem with the hardware of your computer (file system is damaged, overheated, and much more). Home use ubuntu 13.04, do not use anti-virus!

But the pc works perfectly in ubuntu 14.04 continuously without any unwarranted restarts or shutdown. If there was any hardware problem or overheating than the same would have also happened while booting with ubuntu. Also i have not ticked to restart the pc after the scan is over. I have noticed it happens [at] 50% of the D drive scan as mentioned earlier. Also checked my hard drive for bad sectors or damages but was found to be perfectly OK.
Hence the confusion.

Try reinstalling the antivirus with a complete cleaning of the old settings and profiles can be a failure in antivirus, you have installed anti-virus package from the CIS or CAV?

I have installed CIS. Will using a normal uninstall do the needful or do I require a Uninstaller like “RevoUninstaller” to remove leftover files !!!

I have an antivirus installed (CAV) without firewall, if comodo cleans itself after (programfiles, appdata), it makes no sense to use additional software.