pc freezing

Comodo firewall is apparently causing my computer to freeze intermittently. Unable to do anything for 5-30seconds at a time, then it releases and able to do things again until next freeze. Seems to happen almost every time I go to new website, or open new e-mail. Any ideas?

Hi jellybean652, welcome to the forums.

What is your Operating System and what security software are you running?

Check any Security software logs for clues. Also check the Windows Event logs around the times of the freezes.

Also what browser are you using? Certain types of browser add-on’s process web sites as, or perhaps even before, they are opened. This could cause a delay if the add-on was encountering problems with a security application or other unexpected delays.

Finally, DNS and ISP… both of these can cause delays, but usually this does not result in the whole system freezing.

Kail: I’m using windows XP, running AVG free edition, using IE8, firefox 3.5 and chrome. Does the same on all browsers. thanks, Jb652

Anything in CIS or Windows event logs relating to the time of the freeze?

If CIS is blocking something it will usually log it, unless it was told it not to. Also you should ensure that both AVG and CIS explicitly trust each other & do not scan each others activities. In CIS, AVG should be a Trusted application… and in AVG, not certain of the terminology, CIS should be ignored.

How do you tell it is CIS? What happens when you disable the firewall (click right on the CIS icon in the systray and disable under Firewall Security Level.

Does this also happen when you use a different browser?

AVG 8.x still has performance issues on I think older hardware. Try disabling AVG temporarily and see what happens. What hardware are you on?