PC freezing on large downloads

A few weeks ago my PC began freezing up completely when downloading large files. I initially thought it was a problem with avast! antivirus as it started happening a day or two after I installed the latest program update (4.7.1029), but after submitting a crash dump to avast! support I was told the freeze is occurring in cmdmon.sys.

I have totally removed and reinstalled the latest versions of avast! and CPF from scratch but the problem still occurs. It happens apparently at random, whether I’m using of Firefox, wget or cURL. Downloading a 500M ISO image can work absolutely fine but then a 5M file I download 10 minutes later can cause the machine to freeze up. See my thread on the avast! forums here: PC sometimes hanging after 4.7.1029 update. Unfortunately I accidentally deleted the full crash dump that I submitted to them but can generate another one if it crashes again.

My PC has never BSODed, it just freezes up and only responds to Ctrl-Alt-Del once. The only way of rebooting is either a hard reset or an emergency shutdown (Ctrl-click on “Shut Down” button on security dialogue).

Has anybody else experienced anything like this at all? Any help gratefully received, as my only option at the minute is to temporarily disable CPF while downloading large files! :slight_smile:

I’m running Win2K SP4, avast! Home 4.7.1029 and CPF

You could try turning off monitor dll injections and see if it works any better:





Thanks for the tip, I’ll try it and see what happens. :slight_smile: