PC freezes

After installing new CIS 4, (all settings as preset), each time I rebooted my PC, it just froze and wouldn’t do anything. After running CIS in XP safe mode, disabling all modules, it didn’t freeze anymore. What is causing the problem?

Did you receive any popups before it froze?

Are you sure there wasn’t any notification or popup the first time you ran it?

I had something similar happening. CIS would freeze when calling it, start menu hardly repsonded, the explorer interface responded hardly.

I uninstalled all program that interfere with networking and then CIS would work. I uninstalled Easy VPN, Zen Map and Wire Shark. Other programs that could interfere would be VPN clients, Net Limiter… After uninstalling them try again.

I don’t have any of these. I’ve turned on firewall, AV and defense+ modules and kept sandbox disabled and now it seems to work.

What happened looked like this:
-windows XP loads
-desktop and PC sound shows that everything is loaded
-CIS didn’t start up
-a single click on desktop icon, start menu or any other action would lead to complete freeze and need for restart

It looks like the sandbox is playing a role. Does the problem happen again when you enable the sandbox? Notice, you may have to boot in Safe Mode to disable sandbox when the problem hits again.

On a side note. I also uninstalled Peerblock.