PC Flank results


I have testing the firewall with the site www.pcflank.com but what is it telling me, tcp ping status unknown, why is this unknown, the last time it was stealthed it concerns me a little.

Also the privacy test was a disaster it seems that the firewall comodo 3.0 pro lacks defending privacy, what is your opion about this all,



The results of Stealth Test

We have sent following packets to TCP:1 port of your machine:

TCP ping packet
TCP NULL packet
TCP FIN packet
TCP XMAS packet
UDP packet

Here is the description of possible results on each sent packet:
“Stealthed” - Means that your system (firewall) has successfuly passed the test by not responding to the packet we have sent to it.
“Non-stealthed” - Means that your system (firewall) responded to the packet we have sent to it. What is more important, is that it also means that your computer is visible to others on the Internet that can be potentially dangerous.

Packet’ type Status
TCP “ping” unknown
TCP NULL stealthed
TCP FIN stealthed
TCP XMAS stealthed
UDP stealthed


I have no idea why it’s unknown if your PC is stealth or not, but regarding the ‘privacy risk’, read this topic.


See here. If you have a hardware firewall you need to configure that first and foremost.


PC Flank’s tests are known to be very biased, and are believed to be affiliated with Agnitum. (Outpost Firewall) PC Flank reports that every firewall (or most) is not protecting your computer, unless it is Outpost. This was discussed in another thread, that is quite far back, please don’t use PC Flank. Use shields up! at GRC.com.

Cookies and referrers don’t exactly mean that your privacy will be compromised as suggested by PCflanks tests.
Blocking cookies and referrers is to protect privacy in the same way blocking a car prevents car accidents.
Properly configured browsers and few freeware utilities already provide such features.
Besides Cookies and referrers are features of the HTTP protocol whereas firewalls work on TCP/IP level.

CFP blocks the Echo reply packet as intended. If it was not the case the result would have been “Non-stealthed”.
I guess Pcflanks test failed to provide enough info to evaluate that ping test correctly.

BTW some ADSL routers may need additional configuration to block ping packets (althoug this time it may not be the case)