PC Flank Leak Test: I may have a solution

I installed Comodo last Friday and have been failing the PC Flank leak test time and time again. Numerous visits to support both here and at Wilders Security forum did not help. I just wanted to let Tech Support know that I have possibly resolved this issue. Here’s how.

  1. When I was running the leak test all those times before, I would download the leaktest.exe file but not save it to my computer. I would simply run the program from the download. For some reason, this allowed leaktest.exe to use Internet Explorer through OLE automation. I failed the test every time doing it this way.

  2. However, if I saved the file to my desktop. Then launched the program (leaktest.exe) Comodo stopped it every time.

Does that make sense? Should Comodo stop the OLE automation in case 1 above or only in case 2?