PC delay with Two User Account

Hey everyone. I love CPF, but I was wondering if anyone else was experiencing a delay when switching from one account to the other without logging off first. In other words, after I have been on my account for awhile surfing with FireFox, or say using Word Perfect, when I switch to my wifes account after closing everything it took anywhere from 10 to 30 seconds before blue screen went away and her desktop came up and then the three Icons that are normally there in the System Tray. (AOL AVS Antivirus, Microsoft Network , and of course Comodo Icon. The reason I say took 30 seconds is that I have uninstalled Comodo and all is well now. I have a Desktop PC with Windows XP and 512MB of Ram, but this was never a problem with SKPF or ZA Free when I had them installed. Not complaining because as I said I love Comodo, and it is superior to the two Firewalls I mentioned, except of course in the delay I had with it from one account to the other. My second question is if Fridays release will possibly fix this. Thanks to anyone that answers as I know people will, because like the Comodo Firewall this forum is also top notch.

Takes about 10 seconds here using FastUserSwitching from initial click to finish.

WinXP Pro /SP2, Firefox, Avast, 1GB RAM.

My PC still does this for 10 seconds too even though I have uninstalled (temporarily) Comodo, but not for 30 seconds like before. This may be due to the AOL AVS Antivirus that I have installed as I don’t remember this happening with Antivir PE. Hopefully today will bring a faster switching Comodo Firewall, and maybe I’ll install Antivr again beforehand as well. I like my PC fast. Take care and thanks for the info.

Hey Duke,

It’s worth remembering that CPF does some additonal component integrity checks before shutting down and has done since V2.2. I believe that these shutdown checks are done when fast user switching as well.

Another thought, a few versions back (before it supported FUS), if CPf was installed and you switched users, the second user would get a message saying no firewall was installed, even though CPF was still running and protecting the PC. This was due to the way windows stores the WMI repository information. I think (and this ain’t gospel) that CPF replicates the repository for each user when you switch. If it does, this would cause some delay, but I wouldn’t have expected an additional 20 seconds though.

hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile: