Pc crashes

Hi Guys. I’m back to V3.14 again lol. I tried V4.0 as you already know it had problems with the start menu etc with xp. Comodo fixed those problems :slight_smile: The thing is I’ve been trying to use V4.1 since it came out, installing and reinstalling. Every single time I use it it my system crashes. It goes like this one by one my programs encounter a problem until they all close then CIS does the same and my computer restarts. Then I get your system has recovered from a serious error. I also have the memory usage problem (not updating at the time). I am using XP SP3. I was using AV stateful, defence+ and sandbox enabled. It does not seem to me that the new version is very xp compatable :frowning: I hope these problems iron out. I’m still not giving up hope, as I have been using CIS like forever. Thanks Comodo for a great product!

After alot of trial and error today I found the problem. The crash seems to take place when I try to load pctools spyware doctor starter edition to scan with. I don’t have protection on. Anyone else using spyware doctor? It might be an incompatibility problem. Thanks