PC Comparison

Hi, just out of curiosity I would like to ask these questions. I would like to compare the different brands of PCs based on users’ comments rather than biased reviews. Thanks.

  1. What brand of PC are you using / have you ever used?

  2. How long have you been using it / how long had it/they lasted for?

  3. How would you comment on the PC? (Eg very good / keeps overheating / very noisy / rock solid)

  4. Which brand of pc do you think is the best?

  5. Have you ever tried an Ultrabook? How is the keyboard/typing experience like?

  6. What AVs are you using / have you ever used?

  7. Are they good?

  8. How would you comment on the product/s? (for eg, I would say I was using McAfee when I got a very bad infection :()


  1. im using an HP laptop (with some upgrade hardware). I also have an HP desktop for my parents./ i havent had other brands but being computer savy i always work on computers. i have used many different brands
  2. Both the HP computers have lasted many years. (laptop is about 3 or 4 years old, desktop is closer to 5) and they both are still working great.
  3. Great except HP likes to put a bunch of extra ■■■■ software but the physical computers are great
  4. aside from custom computers i personally like HP iv also heard good things about asus but honestly most computers can be great with the proper maintenance. Also just do a little research about different hardware and figure out what works best for you
  5. never heard of it
  6. im currently using comodo firewall, iv have previously used mcafee (absolutely horrible), and bitdefender (back when i used it, it was pretty good but back when i used it was purely signature based)
  7. never been infected while using comodo

Hello wasgij6,

Thanks for your reply. It is interesting.

  1. My own build. Although I have used many brands, mainly Dell & HP.
  2. Nearly 2 years in its current form.
  3. Rock solid.
  4. My own builds. I pick the components I want, I don’t have to compromise and it’s much cheaper.
  5. Ultrabook? I’ve not used them. I prefer the bulkier, more powerful, types myself.
  6. I’m using CIS currently and I have probably tried/used most other brands (prior to 2008).
  7. I’ve also not been infected since using CIS.
  8. My knowledge of other AV’s is out-of-date and probably not relevant any more. :slight_smile:

PS Are we talking desktops or laptops here? :wink:

It can be desktops, laptops, or both! ;D
Thanks for your reply.