PC auto re-booting following firewall installation [RESOLVED]


I’ve just installed Firewall 3 on my XP home PC.
The installation procedure ran the scan and only found 1 minor file in a temp folder.

I re-started the PC when prompted.

Unfortunately, it now gets to the login screen and automatically re-boots. (:AGY)

I have no other firewall installed, although I do have AVG and SuperAntiSpyware running.

Apologies if there’s an existing thread, I couldn’t find one that I could identify as the same issue!

I really don’t want to have to re-install XP.

Can anyone help with a solution to this, please?


Can you get in into safe mode? The problem might be a BSoD, and your computer might be set to reboot automatically during crashes. I doubt the removal of a temporary file would have anything to do with this.


Hi Ragwing,

Thanks for the reply! :SMLR

Yes, I’ve just started it up in safe mode and it’s behaving it’s self :-TU

I can switch off the auto-restart on the system settings, but what next?

Set it to create a minidump file and then boot in normal mode. You should now see the most viewed image in the computer world, the BSoD. Go back in safe mode and post your minidump file here (you’ll also find instructions for how to get the minidump file). The developers will take a look at it as soon as possible (yes, computer programmers have a girlfriend/wife too ;)), so that they can figure out what the problem is, and then fix it.
There’s not much you can do yourself, except trying to do a complete uninstall and reinstall CFP3, and see if that solves the problem.


Many thanks for the speedy response, Ragwing, very much appreciated! :■■■■

OK… I feel an impending embarrassment coming on!

How do I attach the minidump file to my forum post? I see many guys have pasted-in a text file, but I don’t seem to have anything capable of translating the data file into plain text and don’t see any obvious button saying “attach file”! ???

OK - Sussed it. (:NRD)

Although I have to say it would be beneficial if there was a stickie thread detailing instructions on the installation and use of dumpchk.exe!

I will mark this thread as Resolved :). If you need it reopened please PM Myself or Another Mod.