PC at a CRAWL after COMODO CIS download...HELP Please

Hi everyone. Last night I downloaded COMODO CIS. I am still running Windows XP (I know I need to get with the 21st century). Now EVERYTHING is basically at a standstill or crawl. My Pictures will load but S L O W L L Y and I can’t move files or much of anything else.

I have 2 Gigs RAM.

Any help, tip, suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Not sure if I need set up help, or configuring help or what. I can not afford a new PC at the time so I have to make this one work for the next few months.


Going to need more information. Hardware spec’s, Comodo configuration, processor utilization, etc.

I have XP, 2.4gig processor, Intel Pentium 4, 2 gigs RAM.

I uninstalled Comodo CIS and all of the things that come with it and now my PC is faster but the internet sites are all ■■■■■■■ up. Pages don’t load right, email is all but nonfunctional etc. etc.

Allways look closely … in any installation process before you press OK.
Every window.
Also look in the comodo installer left bottom, custom installation.

That way you dont install things you dont need, or things you dont expect.

For example, you might have forgotten to untick “change dns servers”. And privdog or something might be still installed.
That would explain sites changed or parts of internet dont work anymore.

Its a good moment to understand this with a harmless tool.