Paypal check out and Facebook messages

when ordering from a site on longing into paypal check out the page just refreshes, it becomes impossible to pay for something

on Facebook, clicking on mesgs results in a blank screen

both these problems were present in the old version, and with the new one seemed to have been fixed, but its started again

ive tested this across three machines… all have the same problem.

and on all 3 machines chrome renders the pages fine

im about to give up on this browser, its becoming a hassle to use

Hey alexfno, first of all welcome to the forums/community and hope you use this place more often as it’s worth doing so.

In order for Mods & Staff to get better and more details insight into your problem you need to post in the correct format which can be location here Comodo Forum (have forgot how to shorten link and change it to a name more suitable haha can’t know everything).

Copy and Paste and then fill out the bits that apply to you. :wink: