Pay for CIS

If COMODO gives users the opportunity to pay/donate for their security solutions, would you consider paying for their security solutions?

Comodo security solutions are Free and Comodo don’t accept payment nor donations for them but instead provides additional paid services in addition to some of these products.

For example there is Comodo Internet Security Pro PLUS whose additional paid sevice package includes:

An additional software TrustConnect™ that allow to surf the internet through a trusted and secure channel even if the user connect through insecure coffee shops, hotels, airports, City/Town Public Wi-Fi hubs.

Hands On Remote technical Support including:

  • PC Tune Ups by Comodo Experts
  • Virus Removal by Comdoo Experts
  • CIS Software Installation by Comdoo Experts
  • 24-7 Support by Comodo Experts

It is up to the user to choose if they want Comodo Internet Security Pro without the PLUS package or buying the additional services (aka Comodo Internet Security Pro PLUS) at the cost of other comparable paid solution but with much more benefits and services.

Obviously end users can also buy the additional services and never use them but IMHO this was not Comodo meant them for :wink:

PS: As a volunteer moderator I wish to explicitly note that the above is my personal viewpoint and I’m not a Comodo employee nor I’m entitled to represent Comodo.

Yes I know that, I think it is good to pay/donate for stuff you believe in or for just certain particular area’s you wish to contribute in…

I am not here to change COMODO’s business model nor I am here to change their philosophy… This topic is just here to know people’s views and opinions…

This topic does not serve any changes to Comodo’s course…

If you find this topic inappropriate according to the renewed comodo forum policy, you have the choice to edit, move or delete this topic at your convenience…


Nope I took the effort to prevent any possible misinterpretation and implicitly encouraged you to clarify your opening post.

Thanks for the additional clarification and related feedback. :slight_smile:

PS: As hinted by my previous post I voted OTHER (specify your own opinion…)

Well, you have indeed encouraged me to clarify my intentions. I am glad we are thinking now in similar lines, without worrying about possible misinterpretations… (:WIN) (:SMLR)

It was no problem, I am glad I did that! (:WIN)

Yes! I thought so… (:WIN)

Not sure. I chose other because there was an option you excluded from the poll, that is the current one, which is unrelated to whatever form of donation and IMHO motivated by the additional services. :slight_smile:

I guess it would be important to mention it and inform all votee if they would also like an eventual alternative. (:WIN)

Yes! you got a good point here… I agree with you on this one.

Thanks! (:WIN)

Can you guys, please vote again? I have changed to poll, so in order to make it as honest as possible, you guys need to vote again…


I voted no.

Reason: I don’t pay for security, if there are means to have it without paying it. And I’m not referring to pirated software.

If there were no other means, I still wouldn’t pay and would use other measures, which I shall not discuss (perhaps unplug the internet device :smiley: ).

Best regards.

Shouldn’t the 3rd. option:

“Yes! BUT I will pay for the additional services included with comodo security solutions.”

really be:

“No! BUT I will pay for the additional services available with Comodo security solutions.”

I agree with gibran, the service and forum support should always be free, But extra support and services should have a subscription or fee applied to it, direct private support, toll free numbers, etc.

Melih mentioned to me that for commercial use that there is fee based support, but in many postings I read
“FREE for Private and Commercial Use”

For Commercial use is it “UnLimited” ?

For the small business Free might be a necessity!
But for the Corporation that has hundreds, thousands of computers, after a trial period there shouild be a "Premium Support Service" above what the Plus offers for the private user.

1)Besides the Toll Free support (up to so many hours, then fee based depending on subscription)

2)knowing that “The Comodo Technical Support Team” is aware and backing up the Comodo technical representative,

  1. If necessary, On Site Support, again fee based depending on subscription and number of computers.

  2. A recovery backup service again Fee based.

How many computers should a corporation have and still be able to use Comodo Products free the same as a private individual? Should there be a fee, based if the corporation has 250 computers or 550 computers? What would a reasonable number be to allow small business to use Comodo?

Should income be involved at all? A business with 20 comuters might have an income over 3 million!

For those that can afford it Plus is a good value, but do Commercial accounts and Corporations understand what the BENIFITS of Paid Comodo Technical Support offers ?

Finally Support for Educational Institutions and non Profit Orginizations should be greatly reduced or free depending on size and number of responses required.


Yes, you are right… that is more close to reality… hehe… (:WIN)

Yes! You do bring good points were Comodo can look at… Also where some services can be improved and where they can increase the profit of their existing additional available services…

I would pay for CIS only if it is bugfree and with better detection rates and with that i mean some awards that are bestowed from experts in the field. Generally i like it free and with no restrictions.

A few words, First off what bugs? Secondly show me on e program that has no bugs. It does not exist so if you find a bug report it so comodo can fix it.

As to the detection of the av how do you know it is not good, just because it has not been tested much does not mean it is not good but that aside, ever av will miss files what is important is how it reacts with samples it does not know about. In that respect I think comodo is leading the way in the proactive world.

How about if Comodo gave the option to chip in whatever amount you wish?
$5 $10 $15 $20 - etc

I think it would be great if Comodo specified that a certain % (100% ??) of the money was to be divided up among all the programmers who work for Comodo.

I know I would be tempted to chip in if I knew the “laborers” would benefit. :o

The only thing you pay for are additional services with CIS.
The software is the same free or otherwise. No limitation or restriction.