PathName Identification ?


I have a CF installed and now i’m found some interesting things:

1st: i have some game installed in E:\GameName\game.exe and it’s registered like Trusted App.
Now, when i’ve renamed game dir to E:\GameName.old\game.exe and run it - it have not asked for internet access again! And still no rules defined for new path\exe…

2st: i have installed other version of game into the old dir (so, exe-file have changed) - CF still not ask me any promts…

Is the things above working as intended ?..

P.S: Defence+ is turned off, Vista Home Premium x86.

Hi and welcome,

CFP is devised to work with Defense+ (or other third-party HIPS) for leak protection. In upcoming versions (3.1.x I think) CFP will include a third setting without the full D+ but with enough checks to make it leakproof. (However Defense+ enabled offers yet better protection and it can prevent any infection.)

If you decide to try Defense+, choose the default options. The clean pc mode is designed for user comfort if your system isn’t infected beforehand, if you’re not sure you may want the train with safe mode which would show some more popups.