Path to Infected File

When the red Alert box pops up detecting an infected file, sometimes the path is too long to read completely. Holding the cursor over the path displays the whole path, but sometimes doesn’t last long enough. Putting the cursor over the path a second time does nothing. The only choice is to quarantine the file and then check the path through the Quarantine window (although, I may not want to quarantine the file).

I would like to be able to right click the path in the Alert window to be able to see the whole path to the infected file (for the duration of the right click). That way, I can make a more informed decision as to what to do with the file.


Yes, this would be nice.

That is a good idea. +1

+1 Really worthwhile idea to add in CAV

I agree :-TU


And maybe at the same time have the possibility to Submit Suspicious File(s) directly from the Alert box.


See the sample pic in this post. Many users have requested this feature. I think it is a great idea. Hopefully we’ll see it in CIS 4.