path to default download destination in settings not visible.

Under Options, Under the Hood, Downloads, the full path for default downloads path is not visible. I can only read, “C:\Documents and Settings\username” ---------- and nothing more is in view. If I click on “Change…”, this only brings up a “Browse for Folder” dialog but does not show me a path that I’m looking for, which is to show me the DEFAULT path for this option. Help me find the information, or is this a bug?

Windows XP, s.p. 3, laptop (Toshiba)
Comodo Dragon version

I still believe what I described is a bug, but by getting a download, and navigating through Windows Explorer, the path seems to be C:\Documents and Settings[i]unername[/i]\Local Settings\Temp

Still hoping for other feedbacks.


You can see the download location by opening the downloads page (Ctrl+j) and clicking the “Show in folder” link beneath any of your downloaded files.
The default download location for Windows XP is: C:\Documents and Settings<user name>\My Documents\Downloads.