Hello can someone explain me this alert its confused me yust formated windows after instaled all programs and at end instaled CIS latest asked me to restart after loged in windows got this alert

[attachment deleted by admin]

Hi, it depends which message you mean.

The alert from D+ is happening because PAStiSvc.exe is unknown to CIS and is trying to create an entry in a protected registry hive.

From what I have seen, this is part of some webcam software, so if you believe it’s ok, you can allow it, but I’d make sure it is ok first.

The smaller balloon message is from Windows Security Centre and it believes your AV database needs updating.

Thank you on reply Quill.
Yes i know whot is smaller balloon is but thanx aniwey,only that defense + alert confused me becauze in earlier versions of CIS didnt recived cuch alert and also have same softvare instaled on my system ,yes instaled cam.and olso PAStiSvc.exe is located in folder where is installed cam.

You can also click on the link in the alert to see the properties of the PAStiSvc.exe file.