Hi, Been using comodo for few days now and I like it! Easy to install and add customised rules and has handled every firewall test I have tried. One thing I cannot find is a password option. I want to set a password as you can in Zone Alarm Kerio etc. This is because several people use my PCs including the kids who have a habit of allowing anything without reading the warning! If no password option is available this will stop me using CPF. Apologies if I’m missing somthing obvious


Hi Mike

I’m afraid CFW doesn’t have password protection yet. But, it is on the wish list.

The best workaround for this that I’ve heard of is to introduce proper user logins to your system. You have the admin account & they have poweruser accounts. This way you could easily deny the powerusers access to CFW.

Hi thanks for that. I do have user accounts set up for everyone including myself, I only use Administrator account for installing software changing system setting etc. I consider using an admin account routinely in windows the same as routinely logging on as root in Linux i.e bad news. Hence the inconvenience of not being able to access firewall via password from user account. Hope password option gets included soon