Password unit

Remeber that nifty little tool called Gator ?
But it was a insidious little bug that turned out to be some sort of advertising virus.
Well, how about a secure tool similar to gator features where all passwords etc can be saved to USB stick?
This will make it convenient to carry around and travel. If one needs to use the COMODO version on another PC, simply down;oad the application, insert YOUR USB with your own personal details, and presto.
I will not download and install Gator today to try and remeber all it’s features, it is a rather ( or was if it is still around) dangerous malware. If we could have one of those again, and as “cute”, it be great.

maybe you used the wrong word in the search engine.

if you were looking for a password manager.

get informations at reputable sites FIRST. passwords and virus, thats a strange and dangerous combination. i have no idea why you still had in mind to test it again, or why you speak good about that old infected program.

load security critical programs from reputated sites!

Gator was the name of the application, it worked well and was very secure as a password manager. The encription was very good and had many other features,
BUT, along came a adevertising company with promises of support to the software company that made the application.
It went downhill when they combined, it is not the password manager that was at fault, it was the associates.
What I’m saying, is a password manager developed by comodo, because this is what this title of the forum asked, ideas…so I am posting an idea.
The idea is, IF anyone remebers Gator, the password manager application, BEFORE it got done over by it associate, to look at the features Gator had. It was more than a password manager. It did lots of other things.
If you are woried about password managers, then stop and look at the web browsers, they have “Remember password” option to.
So there is really nothing to be so alarmed about.
And by the way, Gator was a free download.

i am not alarmed. just wanted to help you to find a good one. freeware. keepass, or for linux keepassX. theres a paid product out there with a similar name. its keYpass then (didnt used that).

a portable file, encrypted, with loops per each try, so brute force would take long. what else is missing in a password manager? it has even a “virtual desktop, to insert the password” (against keylogging).
browser password remember function is something different, and not suggestable, compared to that.

interested to hear of other features of your program :slight_smile:

NO probs, just downloaded dragon, I think it’s ok, seems quicker.

Anyway, the features I remember, cos it’s been a while…
Lets say you have this stand-alone password manager ( PM) on your computer.
Then I need to borrow your computer and access this forum, for example.
I don’t remember my password !

So I insert my memory stick that has a saved, secure and encrypted file that ONLY the PM can identify.
The file on the stick is a saved file from MY computer’s PM, which is the same as yours, so we are both using the same stand-alone PM.

Now, your PM has a function to access MY file on the memory stick, that can ONLY be opened with MY password.
I open it and it loads all my details in YOUR PM, and away I go. I open the browser, open this forum, and the username and password is activated and I log in to the forum.

At no time has my details on the saved file are installed on you PM. Your PM simply access the saved file from the memory stick.

This is because the PM has a function, “save to” that I had already saved from MY computer.
Hope this makes sense.

Other features
It had form fill ins
Web address URLs
Phone number storage and lots of other detailed storage.
All this info can be filed and encrypted. I think I remember reading it had the state of the art encryption.

What happened later on, I found the name of the application had a new kid on the block. It was “taken over” by an advertising company that when you downloaded the PM, one would inherit the advertising worms.
It became such a force, very insidious. It was not worth the hassle of using the PM for what it used to be, a simple and effective tool that made everything so much easier and portable.

There was no way the advertising company wanted to know YOUR passwords etc, it simple hijacked the innovation of the PM to get at the users computer.

Of course, the nifty gadget went down with the insidious advertisers, it seemed the contract binned the intellectual property rights in such a way, “divorce” was not an option.

I am sure some here would remember Gator, the password manager before it got “eaten” by the sinister beast.
Gator is not the guilty party, it just simply got mixed in with the wrong crowd.

The concept is what to focus on.
I cannot remember all the features, cannot even find the download site anymore so someone with enough security resources can trial it out and separate it from the beast to view it’s features.

I know I would not dare download it today even if I did find the download site, unless I am 100 % sure it’s been separated from the “beast” advertising company.

So the point is, a COMODO stand-alone password manager with similar secure features and not be tempted to join forces with a insidious advertising “dragon” that takes over the pop-ups & tracking devices in the PC.

i am sure you will be happy with keepass (version 2).

its empty, and you can load the files in it, or link them. right as you describe it. and much more. make sure to go through all settings. and maybe theres nothing missing. (just examples: activate the auto erase time for copied paswords in memory (a few seconds are enough), activate that it goes in background when you copied the password, activate virtual desktop password input, and increase the loop amount per password try, …).

Thanks for the tip, am trying it out. But it’s not what I have in mind.
The feature with the above mention PM was, let’s say I was on a web page about to log in.
As soon as I clicked the log-in button, the PM would instantly ask if I’d would like to save the user name and password, Yes/No. So if I choose to Yes, it saves it.
It also had the added feature, a drop down list would appear with all the saved URLs that I have logged into.
The next time I was back online, because the PM would sit in the task bar, I can choose to open the browser to a chosen page it had already saved, and presto, all I had to do is click, lo-gin…the user name and password had already been inserted. All this was done automatically.
Now I remember feature…it was the Import and Export options. This was the actual file with the information.
So, I would Export all the saved info in the PM to a memory stick and Import to another PC if need be if it used the same PM.
But, because there were 2 users of the same PM, each user of course had a master password to open the Imported file.

It had a funny looking “face” on the task bar, a orange and green smiling alligator, hence it’s name, “Gator”.

Just like the writer of the above URL in my first post mentions, he would pay to have this application without the advertising worms that were incorporated within.

I have to go through the tutorial with keepass before I let you know what I think.
Gator had no learning curve, it was “smart” but ended up as leather shoes in the end!