Password to exit Firelwall? [Resolved]


I’m new to Comodo but it seems to be a great firewall. Before, I used Sygate
which is not supported anymore.

There 2 questions concerning your firewall:
1.) I didn’t find a possibility to set a password to protect the firewall.
Is is anywhere and I didn’t see it or will there be such a protection in
a future version?

I think it’s very important for a firewall to be password protected against
changing settings or exiting what a virus or trojan could do without such
a protection or am I wrong?

2.) I tried to install the latest trial of Kaspersky AV but it complained about
Comodo running and there was no way to install it. Is there a way, a version
or a planed version which will work with KAV?

Thanks for help.

Hi Achim and welcome to the forums

  1. This has been added to the wishlist for ver 3 of cpf.,6883.0.html
    Comodo protects it’s own registry settings against unauthorised change.

  2. KAV does not play well with firewalls. One solution proposed on other forums is to install KAV then install your firewall. This works for some users but not all.

Hope this helps somewhat
Let us know how you go

If you are going to go the uninstall CFP - install KAV - install CFP route, you can back up your current firewall settings using the script found at,2366.msg18544.html#msg18544

The script create a .REG file that can be double clicked and reimported to recreate all your current rules and settings.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

Thanks Ewen
I must download that myself. Come in handy the amount of times I break cpf :smiley:


Thanks for all your help and tipps.

The next questions will come surely if I try getting an optimal
protection with comodo. ;D