Password reminder is broken

When requesting an email reset, the link that is sent goes to the page where you give your email again. Its a big circle, you end up where you started.

Hi Jealous-Dog2

I’m going to issue a “Report to Moderator” on your topic. You’ll probably get an email saying that I’ve reported you, don’t worry I’m just doing this to attract Admin attention to your topic.

I dont know if this is related but when I tried to reply I got a page that said user profile does not exist and was logged out. First attempted to log in I got the same page, second attempt worked. Got to log off now. I hope to be able to get back later.


I’ve just been through the reset process and reset my password.
And a few others at Comodo did the same.
The link worked as expected, it took them/me to the page to enter the new password.

Did you click on the link, or copy/paste the link?

And, which browser is your default?

Could you try it again to see if you get the same result?


Sorry about the delay been busy. I clicked on the link. I tried with opera and ie6.
This is the link I am getting in the email.

The above was for Jealous-Dog . I just tried it for Jealous-Dog2 and I got something different.

This was not a link, but using copy/paste it did send me to the correct place to change my passwordl. Hope this helps