password protection

for example someone can cam and install keylogger on my pc and i wold not know about it so it will be great to have such option that will prevent (by password) installation of program witch need keyboard access… or maybe someone want to prevent modification of protected registry keys by password… shortly we need password protection on “defense” settings

for examlpe when such window will appear user will need tu write password before clicking ok bottom

in my opinion this feature will be very very very important and useful for safety

I see no other way to prevent the installation of any application than the use a limited user account (and not an administrator one).
I don’t think it will be possible to Comodo to detect any program that interferes/configure the keyboard.

Please Enable Parental Controls in CIS > More/Pref > Pref > Parental Controls

sorry but what do you think this option is doing?

it dose not allow a program to access the keyboard am i wrong?

ok for example i set password on parental control but i am not at home and my son is installing virus on my computer how this password will protect me? when the defense will detect it and ask allow or not this program to change protected register keys he can just push allow bottom…

you do not read this topic or do not understand what i am trying to say? ???

Hi Fashisti. As Jacob said enable password for parental control. Also in same section tick Suppress alerts for Antivirus, Firewall, Defense+ and in doing so no alerts are displayed for Antivirus, Firewall or Defense+ giving no option to allow but still blocking site etc. Please read this
You are protected from your scenario with these settings.

ok thanks