password protection

does comodofirewall has an option to password protect the settings?

This is coming soon. But not available in the current versions.

I just installed Comodo Firewall, but could not figure out a way to password protect my settings (which I find necessary so my kids don’t change my settings).

Does the current version offer this feature? If not, and if this feature is intended to be available in a future version, when will this be?

Thank you.

I believe this is scheduled for version 3 (due April), but it may not be in the very first beta of V3 though.

Ewen :slight_smile:


You could give the kids normal user level accounts and deny access to the firewall to all non-admin users. However, I would also remove all admin accounts from the User group (the admin accounts may be in both the admin and the user groups) if you do that. If the admin accounts are in both groups, “deny” overrides “allow.”

Restricting the kids to non-admin accounts has multiple advantages (I assume you have not done that but could be wrong). One is that if they browse the internet and go to a malicious web site, they probably will be able to do less damage that they would with an admin account. In fact, I am logged on now as a normal user, which I think is a good idea when I connect to the internet. If I need to do admin stuff I can, for example, right-click on the firewall icon, and “run as” my admin ID. On XP, you might need to set the the “secondary logon” service startup setting to “automatic” to do “run as.”

Good luck. (:WIN)

Have they actually done this before, or are you just suspicious?

Since my home computer is not networked, Win XP Pro only has access to “Administrator” and “Limited User”.

I have tried “Limited User”, but have run into problems running certain software under Limited User mode. Been there, done that.

Regarding whether my kids, or other family members, have messed with my software settings… Yes they have. As an example, if a program updates while a family member is on the computer, an alert box from the firewall will pop to re-allow or deny access. I have some family members in my household that don’t really care about PC security like I do. That said, they would rather click ANY box to get the message out of their view, rather than click the “correct” box. As many of us know, clicking the wrong box can have drastic consequences (i.e. “not allowing” anti-virus program access to the internet for updating, or “allowing” a trojan horse access to the internet, etc).

I have 5 PC’s in my household (4 desktops, 1 Notebook). 2 of them currently have Comodo installed (both of those, only my wife and I have access to). The other 3 have ZoneAlarm Pro installed, as ZoneAlarm Pro allows the option of a password to make ANY changes to the settings. I have been a faithful ZoneAlarm Pro user for about 5 years.

I like Comodo’s software design better than ZoneAlarm’s, but need to be able to Password protect the settings. Hence, this is why I have Comodo on the computers that I personally use, but ZoneAlarm Pro on the other PCs that the rest of the family has access to.

Thanks for the questions though. If Win XP had a better “Limited User” user experience (sort of like a Mac and Linux that both run natively in a more “limited” user mode with wonderful usability in that mode, whereby “root” access is only needed when doing system changes), then I would switch everyone to limited user mode on Win XP in a heartbeat.