Password Protected Zip File - Urgent

How to open password protected zip file. Password is lost i.e forgot password.

Any solution? Urgent.


Hi naren,

I hope that somebody can provide the name of specific Software that is capable breaking the code you have
Unfortunately - that’s most unlikely as far as I’m concerned and there are reasons.
There are many (too many) Software, using which you can attempt to recover PW
Some of them are under constant development

1st thing you have to do is “Googling” “lost zip password”

Please read this one as a start, where you have a (popular) description of methods

Then, it is a matter of trying many.

It is (very!) time consuming not only because of variety of Software(s) only, but because of circumstances:

  • using each & any will take a lot of CPU going “red-hot”, so do not expect running anything else in the background;
  • it depends on method used (as in the referred thread) ;
  • it depends on initial strength of password used;

I tried 5 or 7 of those crackers few years ago , when my friend asked me & after many many hours (not within one day) I got it eventually.
Kill me, but I do not remember the specific Software. The only thing I remember - that was a trial version of some commercial one. In addition the password was a pure simple ■■■■ – just 6 symbols in lower case
… nothing like very long (“secure”) password with low/upper cases/special symbols/mixed with numbers … etc.

You have a real challenge in front of you

But if and as soon as you ■■■■■ it eventually, please let us know about a Software-winner of that competition :slight_smile: