password protected virus samples necessary?

Is it really necessary to use password protection for zip files when you want to submit a virus sample?

With other AVs you can just send a regular zip file or simply send the sample uncompressed. Much easier…
Why not here?

over the forums this is not possible. You can rar them if you want. It is sujested you use a password, but AFAIK it’s not necessairy…


Passwords and archives like RAR or 7z are required because many mail services block either all EXE files (even those in ZIP archives). GMail does that. And some simply detect the samples with their own scanner (Yahoo is using Symantec for example). So it’s a common practice to password protect archives (with password “virus” or “infected”) to ensure safe and reliable delivery of the samples. And prevent execution by mistake.

+10 on all points.

Links to (obsfucated or plain) and samples of live malware are not permitted.

But if all of those points don’t apply, having to zip and password protect are just unnecessary steps.

With Kaspersky you can simply send a sample as an email attachment. It doesn’t even have to be a zip file.

There’s no guarantee Kaspersky will receive it if just One of those Points do apply.

Well, they reply every time.