password protected installation made?

I find it weird that if someone tries to install a program and puts CFP in installation mode, it requires no password (this is with suppressing no alerts). they can ALSO put the firewall back to its previous mode when the pop up comes up. how come on the GUI switching to previous mode requires a password?

just wondering, is there a reason for this?

It shouldn’t off required a password, Unless you created one your self?


I think he means that CPF SHOULD have a password protect feature when going into installation mode to protect it from malware accessing it.

Fortunately, CPF is so Robust it’s impossible for any malicious program to alter / change CPF in that way.

I personally would love for Installation Mode to be returned to normal upon reboot as an option.


I would also love to have the option for it to return D+ to safe mode from training mode - perhaps a tick box to select which mode the firewall boots up into. I have a user who is always leaving D+ in training mode after gaming.