Password Protect does not remember the password after each restart?!?

Hey I installed Comodo Internet Security before and the password protect used to worked great - now it doesn’t. I’ve been having this problem a while now where I would set a password confirm it … and then press accept press okay etc. it would work fine asking for a password every time you try to change the settings,

BUT after i restart my computer the next day or something(or even the next minute) the password would just disappear!!?! So basically what I mean is when i change something it would no longer ask me for a password. It’s like I never set the password…

I’m not sure if somethings wrong with my registry, or the program but I’ve reinstalled redownloaded CIS a couple of times now, and nothing seems to be working.


Thanks in advanced,

Welcome to the forum Jason :slight_smile:
Have you run a registry cleaner, or is it possible that you ran a particularly program which you run occasionally before the restart.

I have password protect on my partner’s computer with alerts for Defense+ and Firewall suppressed installed over a month with no problems.