Password on Restore?

I just did a Simple Backup (no password set), but when I attempted a Restore, the program asked for a password.



What type of backup did you create?
What is the backup file size?
Is this problem reproducible?


Completely reproducible.

It was a “Simple Copy,” consisting of 5 files with a total size of ~1 MB.

I tried a “CBU File,” with the same 5 files, and received a 100123 error code.

All files are PDFs and can be opened, copied (using Windows functions), etc.


Restoring is available only for “.cbu” files in this version.
This is the reason why you are being asked a password, because the file is not “.cbu” format.
As for the error code encountered when backing up into .cbu file, this is probably caused by the name provided as destination not being valid.


If the backup type was “Simple Copy”, then you do not need to do a restore as the files are in tehir original format with their original folder structure intact.

All you need to do is drag the folders back to where they came from.

Ewen :slight_smile: