Password Managers

What password managers work with CD? Besides Lastpass. I want one that stores passwords locally. All the password managers I have seen only work with Chrome, not CD. Does keypass work? I can’t make it work.

I am using CD version 16.1

Mine not working either, it does not always ask me if I want to save password.

Keepass works when used in conjunction with ChromeIPass and KeePassHttp. The details are on the installation page If it helps, lastpass does store a copy of your password database locally.

Despite doing everything correctly, I think, KeePass will not work.

I installed KeyPass 2.17. I put KeypassHTTP into the same installation folder as KeyPass but it does not work. KeyPassHTTP does show up under tools/KeyPass.

I will keep trying. Any other password managers work? Any body know about the new Kaspersky password manager?


I am still trying.

The icon comes up in CD but I am never asked to save password. Never.

I cannot find any reference to the URL I logged into.

I do not know which is a better password manager for CD, LastPass or KeePass?

Others to try?

Paid is OK.

I am having so much trouble with KeePass I will stick with LastPass which seems to work fine unless someone has another Password Manager to try.

Any Others, paid or free.

Hi, I use RoboForm. RoboForm can be used everywhere (via cloud storage) or you can use the desktop (local storage) or you can use the USB drive (on your USB only and wherever you go to any computer). They have a free version on their Web site for 30 days or 10 or less logins after 30 days=its free.

I want to use Roboform desktop but cannot get it to work. Any tricks? Just install it? Only the cloud works sometimes.