Password checker

When deciding on a password you can check how strong it is using this Microsoft website.



Thanks, my problem isn’t makeing strong pw’s , my problem is remembering what it was lmao

Try LastPass. It is free for computers, and a small yearly payment for smartphones. :slight_smile: It also can generate passes for you, like most pass managers.

Thanks, I wil give this a try. :-TU

I have tried Keepass…it never worked that great. I could never really get autofilling to work, etc.

LastPass has many more security features, and you can access your passwords at another computer. No, the staff doesn’t have access to them: as I understand, the passwords are locally decrypted so only the encrypted version is on LastPass’s servers.

You can use on-screen keyboards to login.

And for a public computer, you can use a one-time password to login. Or a some grid factor authentication (something like that :P). And you can share passwords, etc.

As I don’t use that feature I wasn’t aware of this “issue” :wink:

Well, I’m lazy. I like to login to the manager, go to a site and see the password all filled out. :stuck_out_tongue: