Password changed on Facebook-not by me

Hi guys

Anyone of you got a facebook account?


I’ve recived an email with info:

"Dear user of facebook,

Because of the measures taken to provide safety to our clients, your password has been changed.
You can find your new password in attached document.

Your Facebook. "

and a zip file named “your password”

Did anyone get the same message?

Is it safe?

Its the first time I see sth like this, so i want to make sure…



I’ve scanned the file on virus total:

18/40 positive

Not detected by Comodo

I’m quite sure that the zip-file contains malware. It’s very unlikely that they should change your password for improved security, and if it really happened, you would receive the password in plain text, not in a attached file. As Comodo doesn’t report the suspicious file, it would be greatly appreciated if you could submit it to Comodo Malware Analysis, so that it can be examined, and then added to the database of CAVS.

Link to submit suspicious files/malware:

If I were you, I would warn your friends/family about not opening the message attachement etc…

Also if possible contact Facebook about it, if you can - I tried but failed.

No I did not receive a message like that but I did receive one similar. The one I got said that someone had changed my facebook password and that I should click on the link that came in the email for more information. I just put my mouse over the url link and it looked legit but I’m not going to click it just to be safe. I was skeptical about it since I checked the date of the email and I remembered that my brother and I both changed our passwords on the same day yet only I received that email and to make matters worse when I had changed my password it was two months before the date on the email.