Password Bug

The Password Bug is still there. I attached the stats of my computer and I’m using Comodo Memory Firewall and Boclean 4.27. I hope this helps.

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Could you please read Here and supply the information please.
Thank you

I edited my first post to include the infomation you need to fix that bug.

It seems to be not a bug.
First of all CIS saves only hash of the password you entered, so it can not show the password or even asterisks corresponding to the password length.
The second thing is the ‘‘Change Password’’ dialog is to enter new password, not to see old one. There is no way to see the password you have entered and is is for your own security.

Thanks but some of the options aren’t password protected on Cis and I was wondering if that was a bug or not. (:KWL) Is all of the options supposed to be password protected on CIS or not? Just curious. Can the developers confirm that because I thought all of those options are supposed to be password protected please? :THNK When I clear the Defense + log the password seems to disappear and nothing is password protected. What is happening?

First of all there is new Password protection feature in CIS: now you need to enter password only once per GUI opening, it is not annoying and still secure as password will be asked again if you closed GUI and opened it again.

The second thing - almost all features are password protected except those that can not affect security, change settings or show settings.
Not protected are:
Anti-virus page

  • update virus database
    Miscellaneous page
  • diagnostics
  • check for updates
  • browse forums
  • about
  • help

Thanks and I didn’t know what was going on. (L)