Passcode Authentication Technology

When the AntiSpam Alert reply is received by AntiSpam and the passcode is found to be correct, the original email message is immediately passed to your inbox and an entry is made into an Authentication Database (ADB) allowing all subsequent email from that particular sender.

According to the above information when someone sends me an email, receives the return email requesting them to send the passcode, and replies with said passcode, the original email should be put into my inbox, and the ADB should be updated, without me doing anything. The next time the same person sends me an email it should be put directly in my inbox. Is this correct?

If it is then something isn’t working right.


Yes that is correct. Very sorry you are having a problem.

To help us help you could you:

  1. describe which part of the process is not working, and how you have discovered this
  2. supply the information about your system requested under bug reports

Many thanks in anticipation.