pass windows help on distance

how can I get “windows help on distance” pass comodo.
when I shut down comodo I can give a vriend remote control

Welcome nzhbus.

If I understand correctly, you want to be able to set-up Remote desktop support? Do you want to allow someone to connect to you or do wish to connect to someone else?


Hi and welcome at the forums (:HUG)

You must add the following rule

Action = Allow
Protocol = TCP/UDP
Direction = In
Source IP = Any (or the IP of the helper)
Destination IP = Any (or your IP)
Source port = Any
Destination port =3389

Thanks pandlouk
I made the changes, zo I can tray it to night with my brother in New zealand.
I made the changes in both directions

You are welcome :■■■■

(Added to FAQ.)

Hello pandlouk
Well it works. yesterday i was able to connect my brother with out shut down the fire wall.
so I was able to help him on a distance. After help him we blokt the ports egain on both sites. May be it is not necessary but for security.
thanks egain